Bowmans Basketball Betting

  1. Bowmans basketball betting Includes NBA, WNBA and NCAA College basketball.

  2. Bowmans basketball games are official after either 43 (NBA) or 35 (WNBA and College) minutes of play.

  3. All overtime basketball score counts.

  4. First half lines and Bowmans basketball wagers relate solely to the score in the first half. The first half must be completed for such wagers to have action.

  5. Second half/Half time lines and Bowmans basketball wagers relate solely to the score in the second half (including any overtime). The second half must have five minutes or less remaining for such Bowmans basketball wagers to have action.

Bowmans Boxing Betting

  1. When bell (buzzer, etc.) is sounded signifying the start of the opening round, the bout is considered official for boxing betting purposes, regardless of the scheduled length.

  2. A full boxing round is defined as one in which the bell (buzzer, etc.) has sounded, signifying the conclusion of such round. If a fighter is counted out or the bout officially stopped prior to the bell that indicates the end of the round, such round is not considered a full round for boxing wagering purposes.

  3. When wagering on totals (over/under), half a round equates to the first one minute thirty seconds of that round. The second half of the round commences at one minute thirty one seconds.

  4. If a fight concludes prior to the end of a boxing round, the official ‘stoppage’ time used for over/under boxing betting purposes will be the exact time at which the referee officially stops the bout.

  5. For any proposition bets, if the scheduled number of rounds is changed from those originally listed, when a wager was made, all bets are void.

  6. The winner for boxing wagering purposes will be the official winner as declared by the relevant governing body at the conclusion of the fight. Fight must go within one week of scheduled date or all bets will be refunded.

  7. On propositions, KO is deemed to include Knockout (KO), Technical Knockout (TKO) and Disqualification.

  8. When boxing wagering on ‘pick the round’ propositions:

    • If the fight ends in a points verdict or a draw, bettor loses.
    • If either fighter fails to answer the bell for a round, the fight is judged to have finished in the previous round.

Bowmans Cricket Betting

  1. All cricket wagers on matches that are reduced in length but not abandoned, will stand provided that the match has been completed and an official result declared.

  2. cricket bets will stand for all postponed matches so long as they are played within the next week. If there is any change of venue, bets will be declared void.

  3. Test Series / One Day Series:
    • If the designated number of cricket matches is not completed, cricket bets will stand if a winning lead has already been established.

Bowmans Golf Betting

  1. Golf tournaments must be held within one week of scheduled date to be considered action, unless specifically otherwise stipulated by

  2. In golf betting to win a golf tournament, golf player must tee off for action. For revised odds to win a golf tournament, the golf round must be completed.

  3. Golf players must complete at least 54 holes for action (36 holes if the PGA or relevant governing body, deem a winner).

  4. In Two Golf Player Match Up betting:
    • Both golf players must tee off for action
    • Most completed golf holes wins, regardless of golf score
    • If golf players complete same number of golf holes, best golf score wins (including golf playoff)
    • For Round by Round golf Matchups, all golf holes have to be completed for golf bets to have action, unless a golf player withdraws or is deemed ineligible.

  5. In Group or Team Match Up golf betting:
    • All golf players in the golf group or the golf teams, must tee off for action
    • Most completed golf holes wins, regardless of golf score
    • If players complete same number of holes, best score wins (including playoff)
    • In case of a tie, best golf score from the last round wins. If still tied, best golf score from the previous round wins until there are no ties.

Note: In player matchup golf spread betting, the favorite is denoted by a + point spread. E.g. When it is -1.5, that means this is added onto the golf score. Most completed golf holes wins, regardless of golf score.


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